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         Acresway kittens are born indoors in their own dedicated kitten room.     

          When they are about six weeks old they are able to come and explore the rest of the house.        

          If the weather permits, they can spend the daytime in a spacious kitten pen outside.

         They are fed a diet of Royal Canin kitten food and

         fresh beef or fish and good quality pouches of meat and fish 

      They are wormed regularly, and are vaccinated at 9 and 12 weeks

         for Cat 'Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia

         They are then ready to be adopted at about 13 weeks of age

To indoor pet homes only

         They leave with GCCF Non-active registration


         a Pedigree and Information Sheet

      Vaccination Card

         4 weeks Insurance

          A supply of their current diet etc. 


We are pleased to announce that the final litter, before we retire, was born on February 7th
These super kittens have Champion Acresway Erhard as their father and Adoctbr Twilight as their mother.

*Some of our previous kittens*